Retrospection and Expectations



To all of you. May the upcoming year bring you joy, happiness and love. May it be the year of success and may it help you achieve averything you are dreaming of.
Now 2016, oh well, has really been a shitty year. The political situation all around the world has been a mess and I can’t deny that it has affected me. I try my best not to be too worried (e.g. election of Trump, Brexit, overall terror and growing hate) because I don’t want to let these things take over my life but on the other side I don’t just want to sit around and watch these things happen. Situations like these leave you helpless and that is definitely a feeling I don’t like at all.
I think that the current political and social situation played a major role to my absence this year. I just felt exhausted and tired and unmotivated. I have made outfits pictures I have never posted and I have avoided social media the best I could. I am just so sick of all the hate and disrespect towards people of different races, colours, bodytypes, people with different religions or different backgrounds. This world has massively been divided, it has been infiltrated with hate and spite.
The one good thing I have learned last year is the awareness of what really counts in my life and doing more of what really makes me happy. And that is what I have done 2016.


Other reasons of my absence are on the one hand my new job which has required much more effort than I have thought at first. The other reason is that I have been working on this new blog the past 3 months. I have switched from Blogger to WordPress which has been a lot of work, especially because the whole layout has been disarranged and I had to fix every single post by hand.But now I am finally back together with my new blog. Much happier and motivated.
I will post all looks I have failed to last year in the upcoming weeks together with new looks. I want to write more about beauty and skincare since this subject has also droubled me last year. I have stopped taking the birth control pill after taking it for 15 years and the hormonal disaster has left me with quite a few pimples and back to puberty… or at least that’s what it felt like (I can make a whole post from this subject if you are interested). I also want to share a bit more of my personality with you, which hasn’t been very easy for me in the past. I am usually very outgoing and I also don’t have any problem talking to strangers in „the real world“. But it always felt kind of strange sharing personal things on social media. Mainly because I felt that I could be boring you with my overall quite boring life and because I didn’t want to be that kind of blogger who is making up a fake life just to appear more interesting. But at the same time I want to open up to you and to be more relatable. Well, let’s see how that goes.

Jacket: Mango Violeta (on sale now!)
Shirt: ASOS Curve
Culottes: Mango Violeta (on sale now)
Bag: Zara
Choker: Zara (on sale now!)
Shoes: ASOS Wide fit

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