The Suit by navabi


I just a love a well fitting suit. But the chance at finding one is nearly impossible. There is just not enough androgynous fashion in the plus size industry. So you can imagine that I am extremely grateful for finding this gem at navabi. This is not my first suit from navabi (the other one will be online soon) but it is definitely the most beautiful one and it is absolutely no mistery to me that I have found the perfect fitting one at navabi. If there is one brand that can manage handling quality and a well fit it just must be them. Especially their brands navabi- the collection and Manon Baptiste, from which the suit is from. This suit is from their fall collection and unfortunately not available in most of the sizes anymore. I am very sorry for that as I haven’t been blogging for the last few months. But navabi has got some equally beautiful suits in their spring/summer collection which you should definitely check out.

gifted by (c/o) navabi


blazer: (c/o) Manon Baptiste via navabi (similar)
trouser: (c/o) Manon Baptiste via navabi (similar)
shirt: Asos Curve (old)
shoes: New Look Wide Fit
socks: Asos

navabi_suit9 navabi_suit5 navabi_suit4 navabi_suit8 navabi_suit2 navabi_suit1

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