March has been a pretty exciting month for me. I have started new projects I am not able to talk about just yet and I have turned 30!
„Thirty, flirty and thriving“ – 13 going on 30 has been one of my favourite movies as a teen. No surprise I have been thinking about it excessively at my big day!
An then there has been the Soulfully workshop in Hamburg at the end of the month. For those of you who have missed it, I am writing for the blog Soulfully, which is powered by the German retailer OTTO, for 2 whole years now. It is a great project lead by empowering women for plus size women of all shapes and ages. The blog is unfortunately only available in German but you can always head to the blog for some additional styling inspiration by yours truly. I am posting 2 articles a month there and additionally we do these collective style posts where all of the Soulmates (check them out here) receive the same item by OTTO and style it to their personal taste.
In March we’ve got a basic polo shirt in a pastel colour and were instructed to create an outfit for an easter holiday brunch. Below you can see the look I have created and head to the blog to see all of our looks.


Once a year the whole Soulfully team is meeting up to discuss the past year and what awaits us ahead, to look critically what hasn’t worked out as planned and subjects which are important to address. But we also celebrate – we celebrate ourselves, each other and this lovely project.
So on the last day of march I have made my way to Hamburg, excited to be seeing all the wonderful women of Soulfully again and my blogger colleagues who I get to see way too seldomly for my liking. After a warm welcome and some snacks and yummy cakes we dived directly into the workshop. Besides talking about news all around Soulfully, discussing successful and rather unsuccessful posts and current events and campaigns in the plus size industry – we have also received workshops as guidance on how to write exciting articles and streetstyle photography.

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After the workshop we have been surprised by illustrations from the extremely talented Anja Karboul, who has illsutrated us in swimwear (post to come soon on Soulfully). Besides seeing all these women I adore, this has been my highlight of the day.
We then have ended the workshop by taking some pictures on the roof-deck, eating and drinking and of course chatting about both business and personal stuff. A huge THANK YOU to all who have been involved in making this day so special, to the gorgeous Andrea Hufnagel who has photographed not only this event but also does a lot shooting stuff for Soulfully – but the biggest hug goes to Thuy and Claudia who are always putting in their effort and heart (and soul), to bring us all together and to make this special day so unforgettable!

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